Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last wednesday, 14th, we went on a field trip to Ewe and I, a local sheep farm where our wonderful host Myrtle does everything from feeding and sheering the sheep to washing, spinning and dying the wool. Then she knits socks with it, and weaves beautiful rugs, amongst other things. We all got to try our hand at spinning , then we met the adorable sheep who provided the wool we were spinning with. Myrtle was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge it was fascinating. Did you know that the diet the sheep are on affects the thickness of their wool, apparently turnips make it thicker. I was also surprised to learn that they shear the sheep in january while it's still cold, the reason being that the lambs have much shorter coats and feel the cold more, if the mom is cold too, she will snuggle with the lambs and breathe on them to keep them warm. If she's snug and warm in her thick wooly coat she doesn't realise the lambs are cold... hey, no-one said sheep were smart.
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