Monday, August 20, 2012

Congratulations to the Artists Accepted into Bryn Mawr!

Congratulations to all the artists that sumitted artwork into the juried event at Bryn Mawr! The artists that were accepted into this event are: Jen Carey - "Liquid Rainbow," Patrick Cleary - "Beadweaver," Pam Gregory - "Sunset 1976," Lauren Jones - "Peace, Tranquility & Harmony," Billy Sukus - "26 Fe Iron," and Karen Trzcinski "Cupcake Quilt." Congratulations! We are proud of all the Artists!
Liquid Rainbow by Jen Carey
Beadweaver by Patrick Cleary
Sunset 1976 by Pam Gregory
Peace, Tranquility, & Harmony by Lauren Jones
26 Fe Iron by Billy Sukus
Cupcake Quilt by Karen Trzcinski We are proud of all the Artists!

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