Thursday, April 18, 2013


The Deutsch Institute is having a Membership Drive. For your convenience, Pay Pal may be used to make a donation. Thank you! The Deutsch Institute 615 Jefferson Avenue. Suns 201. Scranton. PA '8510 (570)348-1968 Fax; (570) 346·4774 Email: Website: -A Person with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability tells us: *I like to be with my friends. *1 like to do something meaningful. *1 like to laugh and enjoy. *l like to be able to do what I want. *1 like to be successful at what I do. Our Mission is dedicated to developing and expanding leisure and recreational activities for people with disabilities. .Deutsch Verve Vertu Art Studio .Summer Camps for Adults and Senior Citizens .Social Groups Recreation Therapy in Drug and Alcohol Facility .Chaperoned Bus Trips and Vacations .Educational and Learning Opportunities .Participation to the Arts in our community .Music Therapy & Art Therapy Please make your tax deductible check payable to the Deutsch Institute. Thank you in advance for your continued Support and generosity in helping our Agency to continue to achieve its mission. Name: _________________ Address: ______________ $1000.00 Platinum Sponsor $ 500.00 Gold Sponsor $ 250.00 Silver Sponsor $ 100.00 Bronze Sponsor $ 50.00 Friend Other Deutsch is a 501(c)3 non- profit orqanization committed to the promotion of new approaches in providing leisure educaitonal services and recreational opportunities for persons with all types of disbailities.

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