Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Galleries

I have also updated all the galleries, there are some new artists added and new artwork in the other galleries too so please check them out. Last but not least, I wanted to share a beautiful batik piece the children of the Luzerne County Downs Syndrome Network created: They all drew around their hands on paper and then the design was transfered onto the silk for waxing and dyeing. The finished peice is 35" by 35"1! Shine was purchased at the Fine Arts Fiesta!!! It has found a new home with the Luzerne Foundation. Enjoy it's good energy!!!
We also visited Kings College on Earth Day and some of the artists helped Kathleen Godwin (of Arts Youniverse) decorating her recycled musical instruments
Today we went for a quick visit to the Ewe and I sheep farm to pick up some more wool and Erin made a new friend, it was love at first sight, we had a hard time separating them when we left:
Three of our artists created Earth Day pieces for Earth Day Reveval at Artworks in Scranton, Here's Matt, Erin and Roxanne with their artwork:
I finally have some time to update the blog so i'm trying to catch up. Here are some pictures from The Community Focus evening here at Arts Youniverse on march 19th: Here are some of the kids from the Luzerne County Downs Syndrome Network, drumming with Rachel Loefflad and Gwen and young Ryan taking a bow. Here's Laura reading her poem, Matt singing and several of our artists up on stage with the kids, dancing to the music from George Wesley

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here are the rest of the wallets for the commission. Almost all the artists here worked on them