Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Verve Vertu will be participating at the Inclusion Festival on August 9-11, 2019

Join Verve Vertu and experience the Inclusion Festival is the nation's first and only sensory-friendly music and wellness festival that celebrates neurodiversity, promotes understanding and acceptance, provides holistic educational opportunities, and encourages healthy lifestyle choices that extend far beyond the festival grounds. 
Sensory-friendly accommodations include music played 30-40 decibels lower than at a standard live music event, the absence of strobe lighting, a layout designed to reduce crowding, sensory spaces for relaxation and play, workshops featuring small class sizes, and staff trained to respond to the needs of individuals with special needs and sensitivities.

Our goal is to provide unique, immersive experiences that are often inaccessible to individuals impacted by special needs, while also providing the general community with an all-encompassing educational and uplifting experience that demonstrates what is possible when communities embrace inclusion and accessibility.

A sensory-friendlmusic and wellness festival that is designed to accommodate and include individuals with and without special needs.

Mountain Sky Festival Grounds

Jermyn, PA

(10 minutes north of Scranton)

August 9-11, 2019